About Us

Morgan’s Fine Finishes began in the Northeast with Bret and Mat Morgan practicing a trade they learned from their father, Richard A. Morgan, a Master Finisher and antique restorer. At an early age, the brothers developed a working knowledge of traditional finishes and the color theory necessary for restoration of fine antiques. No matter the finish, both brothers excelled, becoming fine craftsmen in their own rite. Before long, Bret and Mat developed techniques enabling them to apply their furniture quality finishes to the interiors of newly constructed homes and similar projects. After finding high demand in this, Morgan’s trained skilled workmen, hired an educated staff, and welcomed their third partner, Chris Zarkos, to the team. Soon after, Morgan’s was able to expanded and now proudly owns different four locations across the West Coast.

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional, or individualized, Morgan’s Fine Finishes meets each project’s needs with personalized and high quality standards. We offer custom stains, glaze colors, and finish coatings for most surfaces, new and old. Our refined techniques in applying stains, glazes, paints, and finish coatings can make any project a reality.

If you are in the planning stages of a remodel, or constructing a new home, early expert advice and consulting can help to simplify all of your project’s needs. During our each of our consultations, our experienced staff can help select the best materials for desired effect, functionality and decorative desires, as well as provide advice to the best practices in production; whether onsite, offsite, or a combination of both.

Most of our locations offer a pre-finish shop, enabling craftsmen to pre-finish cabinet packages, flooring, trim, doors, furnishings, and window packages for you, prior to installation. For those products requiring extensive carpentry work upon installation (i.e. complex baseboard and casings, detailed cabinet moldings, beams, and windows), our onsite crews use proven techniques for creating a high quality, low impact finish environment while providing a well ventilated work space.

Whatever your project needs, our crew managers are experienced in coordinating schedules to keep projects moving forward swiftly and efficiently, avoiding costly delays and disappointment. When selecting materials, we can provide a wide selection of color samples and customized options, simply bring us your magazine clipping, fabric swatch, or other, and we’ll be sure to match it in any finish or paint. Don’t be limited by standard colors, let our hand-mixed stains and glazes, create the unique outcomes you seek.

In addition to finishing, Morgan’s now offers a painting service at most of our four locations. See more on this on our painting services page or be sure to ask your local representative if these services are provided in your area.