For Architects

It is never too early to involve Morgan’s Fine Finishes in a project. We know that the final look has a tremendous influence over the outcome of a project. It’s what you see and feel that makes a good house great. Our custom finishes help make that transformation a reality.

In projects where we are involved at an early stage, questions like “What wood species would be best to use in achieving a specific look?”, “What woods and finishes have we had the most success with on exteriors in extreme environments?”, and “How and when is it best to use reclaimed materials?” can be addressed and met with success. We can offer custom finishes on many different surfaces, and will help choose the right material for a desired effect, saving you both time and money. Considering the product knowledge we carry with us, and the large volume of great projects we have helped bring to completion, we hope that you will find our services beneficial to your work.