For Designers

At Morgan’s Fine Finishes, it is our priority to be of service to the professionals we work for. When taking on a job for you, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge in color development and finish techniques, as well as a high level of professionalism. Over the past decade, we have had the privilege and opportunity to work for many designers with whom we have developed great relationships. This has been possible because of our tremendous respect for the field of design and color, and our dedication to the professionals who hire us.

It is our intention to support your vision in grandeur or in elegant subtlety. Whether it is a dining room table or the entire interior of a house, we can handle any size project, big or small. When working for you, we will provide samples that will give you a clear, accurate representation of the work we can do. For example, we can create an enamel paint sample to match a fabric swatch, or a wood finish sample to match a magazine clipping. During this phase of sample development, one of our representatives will inquire about such specifics as wood species, sheen, depth, grain saturation, richness, hand brushed effect, hand polished, etc. Whether it is wood finish, paint or plaster, we are committed to excellence and will put our skill and experience to work for you.