At Morgan’s Fine Finishes, we have found that pre-finishing materials before they are installed has been an incredible time saver for both our clients and project managers. Time saved in labor and in the construction schedule creates a more efficient, smooth running, and cost effective job site, which is beneficial to all parties involved. We have had great success pre-finishing many aspects of the home, such as floors, moldings, doors, cabinets, windows, decking, siding, etc. When pre-finishing, rather than doing all work on site, the final interior work on a home can move very quickly. You can go from painted sheetrock to installing finished floors, doors, trim, etc, and lead right into carpet and final detail. Pre-finishing makes sense in terms of time and money.

Pre-finishing also makes sense in terms of quality. When deciding how to approach a project, Morgan’s Fine Finishes always puts quality at the top of our priority list. In past experiences, we have found that the final outcome of a pre-finished project can exceed the final outcome of the onsite project in quality and workmanship. Please consider the follow factors when making your decision.

Advantages to Pre finishing:

  • The materials are finished in a controlled environment and all surfaces can be sealed to help prevent shrinking and warping.
  • When installing flooring and decking the tongue and groove are colored and finished so that shrinking won’t expose unfinished wood.
  • Products can be finished and ready for installation which will save a considerable amount of time with construction scheduling.
  • Custom built windows and doors can be finished on all surfaces before the installation of glass and hardware.
  • Pre-finishing can minimize the use of chemicals on the job site and allow other tradesmen to do their job efficiently.

We have recently been pre-finishing wood box beams, which are three or four sided hollow boxes designed to look like exposed structural beams. They are surprisingly lightweight, but when distressed and pre finished properly, they can look like antique beams from hundreds of years ago. When installed over finished sheetrock, they truly look structural.